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From Ideation to Creation: Going for my new venture.

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I was involved in 11 startups, launched international programs, and undertook academic activities fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

Living in Silicon Valley for nearly two decades, I live in an ecosystem that seeks to transform the world and better humanity, one new venture at a time.

I deliver seminars and workshops to thousands of entrepreneurs who visit Silicon Valley and thirst to learn how the magic happens, how ideation moves to creation, how VC capital moves, and how to get funding.  

There is a common element among the people that come here - all want to start a Silicon Valley style venture. 

The challenge is enormous - taking hard work and coordinating moving parts. 

And even more the effort is needed to make it successful.

The steps required to create and innovate vary across persons, industries, and regions.  If anyone is a candidate for creation, we can take it one step further and consider creating a new company or even a new division within an existing organization or community.  

We are all candidates for the creative and innovative spirit.  Learn what type of innovator profile you are and where it can take you.

What do I need to start a new venture?

Do you, as a person, know how to feel the pleasure of doing your first experiment to make your own endeavor by yourself?

Creating something new from scratch is fascinating; that needs knowledge and experience acquired while you make things happen. You can read many books, watch videos with interviews with successful entrepreneurs, and listen to lectures from famous people worldwide talking about entrepreneurship and innovation. In the end, all this information is valuable, but more is needed to develop all the skills needed to carry over this endeavor.

I developed this course to help you learn all the elements needed to achieve your goal of doing your own endeavor. 

A way to do a great project that transforms into a successful business is by starting small, an approach common in Silicon Valley. In this course, the goal is to invest 20% of your time to create a new venture that will provide income and help you develop a sense of achievement by traveling the journey of an entrepreneur from the idea to the first customer.

As a first step to a successful project, you must experience running a complete experiment all by yourself.

I found that people used to work in teams as managers or integrate a group of people to start their first endeavor. To be a successful entrepreneur, product manager, or team leader, you must have experience. Doing everything as a solopreneur makes you focus on doing things.

In general, the following profiles of people who create new ventures while being a freelancer or solopreneurs focus on doing everything by themselves. 

  • Be a freelancer -- work independently, providing a service on a project-by-project basis to clients.
  • Become a solopreneur -- an individual who runs their own business but is not necessarily in the technology field.
  • Transform yourself into an indie hacker as an individual who builds and launches software or technology-based business.
  • Jump into big business as an entrepreneur driving a large company.

Any of these profiles is an option for everybody. You need to learn which one you want to pursue now. In the future, you may change your mind and switch to another alternative.


As an initial approach, the challenge for you is: Being a one-man show as a solopreneur.

  • Play the roles of CEO, CTO, Financial person, marketing, and support. You learn what it takes to make your company succeed when you play each of the roles needed within a solopreneur endeavor.
  • You must face all the decisions needed to move forward in each area
  • You avoid the negotiation time among a group of people, making the most agile development possible.
  • You may bring mentors and advisors to help you. In the end, all the decisions must be made directly by you.


At the end of your endeavor, you get as a solopreneur:

  • You learn how to self-management discipline for your daily life. 
  • Develop a discipline to set goals and time-boxed them. Each goal has a deadline, according to the planned schedule for the project.
  • Knowledge about the 360 degrees of a business
  • The experience of achieving goals under your own pressure
  • A vision of what kind of endeavor you would like to pursue in the future
  • During your journey, you build a roadmap and a framework to keep your venture moving forward to the next stage


You get ready to use a workbook that helps you record:

  • Who am I?
  • My Background
  • My dream Projects?
  • My Role Models

A reference diagram that keeps you focused on building your Virtuoso Circle.

While you develop your skills, you create, every week, your note: “Remember the Future” from a template with the support of our library of samples created by other participants.

A pivotal element to assimilate your knowledge is the feedback provided to you and the notes of your Post-Mortem activity after reviewing your achievements each week.

Keep in mind the steps to follow in your next ventures in the future:

1) Ideation

2) Research

3) Writing

4) Editing

5) Publishing

6) Validating

7) Execution

You are ready to make things happen yourself or work in your dream team.

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Learn the journey to transform your idea to results following the attached workbook.


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From Ideation to Creation: Going for my new venture.

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